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No matter what you do in business, it's only a success if you can sustain.

RDA ties together the power of three channels of business efficiency – so that continuous improvement becomes automatic – and keeps your business moving forward.

What is the capacity of your company to run constantly at full throttle, 100 percent engaged in every aspect of business efficiency? You’re focused on core business operations – production, sales and expansion – yet continuous improvement also needs to be non-stop. It’s almost required, if you want to stay competitive in the global economy.

RDA has custom formulas capable of pushing your business to new peaks. Through our Continuous improvement program, RDA will introduce common sense approaches, practices and opportunities that will integrate continuous improvement strategies seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. Your business will become more efficient – without taking a minute of management time or investment away from your priorities. RDA will apply “best in class” aspects of energy management and workforce development – creating a core of sustained profitability – freeing you to work more on your business, less in your business! 

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• Build Retention
• Sustain Quality
• Engage Workforce
• Customer Satisfaction
• Grow Profits



Save on


Energy is the one of the biggest areas where you can make a fast and permanent impact to your bottom line, sometimes saving enough to fund new equipment. Lets us help.



Labor Costs


Continuous Improvement Programs

Workforce development programs can fund many of your labor needs.

You just have to know how to implement them. We do.

Continuous improvement programs create the efficiencies needed to stay lean. We know how to help you.



You are busy managing your need a partner who can bring you these opportunities.

The old saying “Out of sight, out of mind,” really does apply to most business people.


You have a pile of decisions and personnel issues to tackle – and rarely enough time to proactively search for the opportunities that RDA can bring. That’s why a conversation with RDA is so beneficial. We have the tools and the know-how to help your business improve and grow.

RDA has information that until recently, only the top 10 percent of business elite could access. We’ve focused our life’s work in the manufacturing, environmental and energy sectors, as engineers, designers, and strategic geniuses. Even our location – in a beautifully rehabilitated historic mill conversion in the Watertown, Conn., industrial belt – symbolizes how RDA knows industry and business inside-out, with insights on maximizing profit in ways most companies could never imagine.

The time you spend with RDA and the experts on the RDA engineering team could become some of the most valuable moments in any business owner or CFO’s year.

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Need a better way to pay for your workforce?


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